| August 26, 2007


My subscriber count has been slowly increasing. As of this writing I have 31 subscribers. I find it amazing that 31 people were kind enough to subscribe to my blog. I shall try not to disappoint.

Once I get to 100 subscribers. I will proudly add the subscriber count ticker. And have some type of contest, event, or celebration. I’m not sure yet. But, I’ve been contemplating some ideas. The same goes for It’s Write Now’s, 1 year birthday.

Imagine my horror, when on Friday morning, I checked my Feedburner feed. And discovered I had “Zero” subscribers. “Everybody Unsubscribed At Once!”. I better step it up a notch.

With some further investigation. I discovered the “Resync Now” button, under the “Troubleshootize” tab, in my Feedburner feed. Within minutes my subscribers came back to me. Thanks!!!

So, if you notice a strange drop in your number of subscribers. Pick up your self esteem, and head over to Feedburner, and do some investigation. Also, if you have some time check out some of their new offerings.

It seems like everytime I poke around the site, I find some new service they’ve added. I’ve yet to realize the full potential of Feedburner. If anyone is using anything, new or interesting from Feedburner, I’d love to hear about it. Emma

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  1. icedragon says:

    What a coincidence !!, I just sign up for your RSS Feed yesterday, I think that I am the number 31, continue the good work

  2. Emma says:

    Welcome aboard icedragon. I believe 31 is a Lucky Number! :smile:

  3. Emma says:

    Hi Deron, I know you from the forum. Plus you and I both, did not win Randa’s contest. But she did give us a nice link.

    Actually I subscribed to your blog today so you should have at least one more sub. :smile:

    I’ve been live for 3 months. I’ve learned a lot in that time. And still have a lot more to learn.

    My writing and style has already evolved a lot in just that short time period. I can’t wait to see how our sites will have evolved in a year when we have our contests.

    It amazes me sometimes that people subscribe or read my work. But, it’s a very nice feeling. I hope to keep improving and have something of value to offer. Thanks for visiting. Emma

  4. Deron Sizemore says:

    That’s great Emma! My subscriber count is around the same right now and like you, I’m planning on having some sort of contest or give something away after I get to 100. How long has your blog been live? Mine is going on 4 months, so the subscriber count is a little low for what I’d like it to be at the fourth month, but I also don’t write as much as I need to, so it’s no wonder. :)

  5. Reztar says:

    3 months and you get a nice numbers already. More success to you Emma.

  6. Emma says:

    Everyone is so encouraging. Thanks!