Misdirection: Winners and losers, lovers and rivals (Racing Hearts Book 1)

What happens when you fall in love with a stranger? Amber is a talented interior designer with a passion for car rallying. Stranded in the Canary Islands she meets Alex, the handsome, successful architect. A man with a reputation and a secret. WW. the current World Rally Champion is an imposing millionaire. But his playboy reputation and engagement to supermodel Erica are only one half of his story. When Amber and WW are paired up for three major rallying events, sparks fly. They are drawn to one another but Erica, the ultimate diva, wants her celebrity driver boyfriend back. This hot and fast romance, set in the world of International Car Rallying, features exciting events in the Circuit of Ireland, the Cyprus Rally, and the Ypres Rally in Belgium. There’s an attraction that can’t be denied but darker forces, secret lives and subterfuge threaten to keep them apart. This novel is the first of thre standalone romantic suspense thrillers from the Racing Hearts series, all set in the 1980s amid the exciting competitive world of real rally events.

Meet Ruth Gowan

Irish author Ruth writes contemporary chic novels with a twist based in Ireland Her aim is to add romance, suspense, some mystery to her romantic stories. These are based around the interesting fast and sometimes furious pace of Car Rallying in Motor Sport. One of a very few women to enter and enjoy the sport of car Rallying, back in the day. Ruth drove competitively before she married, enjoying success at the international level. But hates having to clean her collection of silverware trophies. These experiences form the ideas and background of her novels. Which takes you back in time, but not too far, only to the ‘80s. When mobile phones were rare and shortwave radio was the norm to communicate in the Sport. Ruth divides her time between Portugal and Ireland. Addicted to shoes and she likes TV series like Scandal, Greys Anatomy & Bridgeton, but she also likes side dishes of good detective series like the Line of Duty. Like most Irish women, she enjoys good food and cooking. Ruth is also is working on a Cook Book featuring the dishes in her books. Most of all, she enjoys happy endings, good romantic suspense and she promises no cliffhangers!