The Fourth King: The action-packed retelling of the Christian legend of the Three Kings

“A brilliant retelling of a Christmas legend!” Everyone thinks three kings visited the infant Christ. That’s probably because there were three gifts. Three gifts equals three kings, right? Wrong. In fact there were four kings. The fourth king brought a different kind of gift. This is his story – and his teenage grandson’s too. On an ancient Island a powerful but lonely old king grieves his beloved wife. Meanwhile, his teenage grandson, Cormac, is on a journey of self discovery as he approaches adulthood. But he can feel something is wrong. The truth threatens to shatter both their worlds. When the King is called to make a journey of his own, he cannot refuse. Two quests! One destination that will change both their lives. And the history of the world! A beautifully told, gripping historical adventure story. The action and emotion will have you on the edge of your seat. Suitable for kids aged nine to ninety. Reader Comments: “An exceptionally well written book by an outstanding new author” “Made me laugh and made me cry. Extraordinary. I’d recommend it to anyone.” If you like historical dramas, thrillers and biblical adventures, as well as christian fiction, you won’t be able to put down the compulsively addictive Fourth King. To find out what happens on this amazing voyage of courage and discovery, scroll up now to the top of the page and click the button for your preferred format.

Meet Edward Parry

Ed is a successful entrepreneur based in London, UK, who’s first novel is the Fourth King. This idea came about when he noticed a mediaeval painting of several magi surrounding the infant Christ and discovered the story of “Three Kings” had only emerged because of the three gifts – gold, frankincense and myrrh. He’s also written a film script “On Earth” Logline: In Ancient Rome, a young noble-woman becomes involved with the newly-arrived apostle Peter and his family. A cousin of the narcissistic Emperor Nero, she innocently brings the small Christian group to his attention, with disastrous and historic results. A film that gives a plausible explanation of how a small sect with a very strange story became the world’s largest religion. The script has won the coveted “recommend” status from a couple of professional Hollywood readers. More info on Ed’s writer’s website