The Snake Prince “Battle for the White Forces”

Having gotten occupied with works at ‘A. Company & Co’, ‘Hanley Alvin’; a New York City GUBERNATORIAL candidate and entrepreneur, decided to cool off by embarking on a family picnic alongside his friends’, to the ‘Pitch Rock Jungle’ – an ancient elf like forest, whose deepest part is believed to have never been explored by any man. However, on their first night; they heard an eerie sound that made them froze in fear as they set to sleep. But on their third day of searching for what it could have been, they encountered a horrifying and gigantic snake, which their continuous shootings had no effect on. In anger, it coiled itself around John; Hanley’s 18-year-old son, and then took him to their magnificent queen. From being a captive to their PRINCE, here is a fascinating fantasy story about how ‘John Alvin ‘ fought for the snakes and conquered the blood sucking ‘Antener Woods’; the running state’s governor and a secret PRINCE for the Black Forces.

Meet Ogundele Og-D

Ogundele Olamide (Ogundele Og-D) is a Blogger, Writer, a devoted Author, and a Mass Communication student based in Ibadan, Nigeria. He specializes in Self-help articles, Love and Relationship talks, and also addresses People and Societal issues on various perspectives. Alongside his career as an Author and Writer, he enjoys spending time on appreciating various works of Art and seeks out new places to visit as it helps in adding more to his inspirations. He loves having fried eggs, aided with a loafy bread, drenched with a cup of warm beverage. The Snake Prince is his second-published book.