Heart attack? Nope!

Your concern about cholesterol and its effects on your health is admirable. The life tale of Kandice Allen is legendary. She had a heart attack and excessive cholesterol by the time she was 36 years old. When confronted with the unpleasant choice of a lifetime of medicine, she developed a method that proved remarkably beneficial for her and the hordes of others who utilized it throughout the globe. Her typical dietary approach to decreasing her cholesterol had failed miserably. Today, Kandice has conquered heart disease, lives a limitless and active lifestyle, and doesn’t use any prescription medications. With the recent discoveries of risk factors, exercise, and dietary supplements, Heart Attack? Nope! is considerably more effective in combating high cholesterol and heart disease. It contains: Information about the dangerous cholesterol A diet that accelerates cholesterol lowering Niacin, other B vitamins, and safe supplements’ heart-healthy secrets the most recent research on exercise Increase your chances of living a long, healthy life by protecting yourself against excessive cholesterol with Heart attack? Nope!. You may learn how to naturally decrease cholesterol and which foods to eat in this book

Meet Kandice Allen

Kandice Allen is an author who is well versed with the dangers off high cholesterol levels. She dedicates this book to sufferers who one day hope to overcome heart disease.