NOW YOU CAN FIX YOUR BROKEN MARRIAGE There is more to marriage than just love. It involves a life, a family, and a lifetime commitment, both financially and emotionally You will never truly want to mend a broken marriage if you are not madly in love with the notion of reshaping the union into the finest possible version of itself. Always keep in mind the initial reasons you fell in love with your lover, but don’t stop there. No marriage is perfect. Occasionally, it requires a few tries before you realize what the relationship needs in order to grow stronger and happier. You have the choice to end your marriage, but you don’t. If you have it in you to try harder and make things work, then your marriage is definitely worth preserving. Divorce should be your absolute last option. We are more likely to see marriages end without regret in today’s society since they are no longer considered sacred. The book “Marriage Survival Guide” is written for; ✓People who are battling the breakdown of their marriage. ✓Couples who want to mend their marriages ✓Couples who are willing to restore the marriage and resume peaceful coexistence. Marriage is challenging , but we make it simple. With the assistance of this book, any couple can save their union. To order this book right away, click the link above!

Meet Larrisa W. Gottmann PhD,

Larrisa W. Gottmann PhD, is a clinical professional counselor and certified marriage and family therapist. She specializes in alternative relationships, shame-resilience, intimacy, personal growth and human connection. For more than a decade, she has guided groups and romantic partnerships toward clarity and connection. During that time, she has created a strong framework based on neuroscience, peaceful communication, and positive thinking research, which has improved varied relationships around the country. She is able to provide clients incredibly potent tools to help them break free from stuck behaviors because of her experience in psychology, mediation, and communication training. Even the most anxious participants are put at rest by her very inclusive, nonjudgmental approach to couples counseling. She will constantly call you out and help you progress. When she’s not lecturing, advising, or consulting, you can find her reading, running, cooking, experimenting with new knitting patterns, playing the organ, spending time with her three adorably cute children, or traveling the globe with her loving husband, Gary.