Money Mind & Meaning: Small Changes, Big Differences

It’s not what you’ve got – it’s what you do with it that counts. If recent events have taught us anything, now more than ever in this new economy, we need to up our game in the relationships we have with money, our mind, and our physical well-being. The good news is that in life, it’s the little things that make a big difference. Those easy-to-make marginal gains we can make in everyday life can help us be the best versions of ourselves. In this new book, you will discover tools, tips and techniques that will allow you to: Get more Return on Life (ROL) even during times of uncertainty. Understand why focusing on investment returns (ROI) is wrong. Get clear about how much (money) is ENOUGH to live the life you want. How to deal with financial shocks – keeping your head when all others around you are losing theirs, even if you’re in business Find REAL happiness in life, fulfilment, and peace of mind. And much, much more…. Welcome to your NEW life… there’s no turning back. Are you ready? Let’s go….

Meet Karl Lehmann

Karl Lehmann qualified to become one of the youngest authorised financial advisors in the UK. Now, with over thirty-eight years of experience in the profession, he has achieved Chartered Wealth Manager & Certified Financial Planner status. No mean feat where financial planning is concerned as Karl is one of only 1,000 in the UK who holds the only globally recognised standard of excellence in the field (153,000 in the world).