Speed Typing : Forgotten Secrets to Learn Speed Typing, in just 5 Hours, with your 10 Fingers: on a QWERTY Keyboard.

The guide that I propose here, is a simple, fast and effective method. So that you too can use your keyboard as fast and well as a secretary. Simple: Just follow each session step by step. Fast: There are only 19 lessons of 15 minutes, that is to say less than 5 hours. Effective: This guide uses a professional method, the one used by secretaries. Many complains about not having enough time. Yet many people spend their day in front of a keyboard. That’s an incredible amount of time spent writing on a computer. Usually, they have not even been taught how to use a keyboard properly. They had to learn on the job. It’s a shame to waste hours every day. When a quick training would make such a big difference. And You how many hours do you waste writing on a computer? Imagine being able to write twice as fast ! Yes, it is possible. It would cut down on your work time! And you could surprise your colleagues, who will wonder how you managed to write so fast. All you have to do is ordering : “Speed Typing : Forgotten Secrets to Learn Typing, on a QWERTY Keyboard, in just 5 Hours, with your 10 Fingers.” To immediately learn the secrets of secretaries to write much faster than others. There is nothing complicated, you just have to follow the method. I wrote this guide because I realized that many people have never had the chance to learn how to use their keyboard. It’s not your fault that nobody taught you what’s in this guide. But now you have the chance to learn the secrets of secretaries. Now it’s your turn to take action. To save time using your computer, time that could be better spent … By taking action, you will save up to several hours each day. If your time is precious, you must order “Speed Typing : Forgotten Secrets to Learn Typing, on a QWERTY Keyboard, in just 5 Hours, with your 10 Fingers.”now! In this book you will find: How to position your hands on the keyboard, to be comfortable and fast (page 4). A tip for finding the right 10-finger position, without having to look at the keyboard (page 4). The flow of an effective work session, to learn by doing immediately (page 5). 19 sessions to discover step by step the use of each key on the keyboard (pages 6 to 24). Test if you master all the keys of the keyboard in one simple sentence (page 25). How to measure your progress easily, thanks to a little known website (page 25).

Meet Lawrence FOSTER

Lawrence FOSTER have a training as a secretary. This allows her to write very quickly on a keyboard, to write article, and books.