The Turtle and the Hare (FUC Academy Book 10)

What happens when her pure hare-itage meets royal blood? Harriet is descended from a long line of pure hares. Unfortunately, an experiment rendered her a hybrid, a mutant… a critter who runs towards danger instead of from it. Because of it, she’s found it near impossible to move up the ranks as a FUC agent.   Until a sexy leatherback turtle shows up at the Academy and demands Harriet be on his security detail! Prince Lear from Skyros Island is in search of a mate, but everyone suitable has known him since he hatched. How is a slow-moving turtle supposed to find someone to polish his shell in this fast-paced world? When he comes face to face with Harriet, he’s smitten. He doesn’t mind at all that she’s not reptile. Fast of word and fleet of foot, not only is this hare his lucky charm, she’s his mate too. As if his royal turtleness didn’t have enough to balance on his back, a plot is afoot to steal his royal blood.   What will it take to convince her to make his shell her home? Turtle and the Hare is part of Eve Langlais’ Furry United Coalition EveL Worlds. Does this premise and world seem familiar? That’s because it is based off the Eve Langlais Furry United Coalition. Eve Langlais has invited her author friends to come and play in her world.

Meet Amanda Kimberley

USA Today Best Selling and award winning author Amanda Kimberley has written in various genres in the course of almost four decades.
Her nonfiction blog, which focuses on the chronic disease fibromyalgia, has garnered recognition from various organizations, including Health Magazine. Naming her blog, Fibro and Fabulous, as a top blog for fibro sufferers.
Amanda has also written for medical magazines and sites like FM Aware, The National Fibromyalgia Association’s magazine and ProHealth.
When Kimberley is not writing nonfiction, she enjoys penning romance. Her first Furry United Coalition story, The Turtle and the Hare, earned the 2020 Summer Splash Book Awards of Ink and Scratches for Best Romance. Her Forever Series Books, Forever Friends and Forever Bound were featured in 2015 and 2016 on the BookCountry website, a division of Penguin/Random House as editor’s picks. She has also been featured as a USA Today Happy Ever After Hot List Indie Author with Claiming My Valentine, a Best Poet of the 90’s ranking for an anthology, and has had a #1 PNR ranking with Immortal Hunger and Hearts Unleashed.
Amanda Kimberley is a Connecticut native that now lives in the warmth of Northern Texas with her zoo consisting of her husky, tuxedo cat, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, a tank of fish, two daughters, and a husband. 
When she is not writing you can find her cooking whole foods for her pack. She also enjoys reading, hiking, and gaming.