Becoming A CEO Of Self-Confidence

Becoming a CEO of Self-Confidence: Your little blaque book of inner strength Teenage life is undeniably a roller coaster if you don’t have a guide. Zaki Roshell is an 18-year-old fashion designer and boutique owner from the great state of Georgia. As the CEO and founder of Zaki Blaque and Zaki’s Tutu Tops, she is on a mission to encourage young women to embrace their unique style and dare to make a statement. Zaki is also a seasoned speaker and leader. Trained and certified in the art of public speaking, Zaki is leading a movement to encourage young people to live life confidently on their own terms. With a surprising amount of confidence, Zaki invites teens to learn self-confidence, build self-esteem, and become their best to achieve success. However, to be successful like her, you need a guide to self-improvement. This book Becoming a CEO of Self-Confidence promises to provide self-confidence, dedication, and motivation to achieve your goals. It holds surprising solutions to your low self-confidence, insecurity, and shyness. Saving you from emotional struggle and bringing you out of a never-ending negative emotional loop. The inspirational content holds a brief introduction of self-confidence, practical examples, and multiple guided exercises while holding a conversational tone. You will find an easy gateway to build deep-seated, long-lasting self-confidence by breaking through useful insights. There will be no more fear of feeling less equipped to handle life challenges. Indeed, you will always be ready to overtake every problem with your mindfulness. If you are facing: Low self-esteem and confidence Stress and anxiety Minimum social interaction Lack of motivation and self-love Becoming a CEO of Self-Confidence will help you: Discover your superpower Take control of your emotions Increase self-love and confidence Become a better planner and goal setter Don’t miss the opportunity to unlock your potential, develop unshakable self-confidence, and be a better version of yourself!

Meet C. Zaki Roshell

Instead of living a reckless teenage life, ride a smooth, confident, and goal-oriented journey. It’s time to make crucial decisions in your life. Finding yourself won’t be possible without an excellent, insightful guide. Lucky you, Zaki Roshell is here to encourage teens to embrace their journey with gems like self-confidence, motivation, and dedication. Once you flip the cover page of ‘Becoming a CEO of Self-Confidence,’ you will find all the ingredients for living a happy and successful life. Zaki Roshell is an 18-year-old CEO and founder of Zaki Blaque and Zaki’s Tutu Tops. She is a certified speaker and leader. Her motto is “You are the CEO of Your Total Confidence.” Zaki has participated in several oratorical competitions, advancing to the State level in the Introduction to Business Presentation competition two years in a row. She serves as the New Manchester High School National Honor Society and FBLA chapter president. In addition, she is a selected member of Youth Leadership Douglas and the Young Black Leadership Alliance. In her spare time, Zaki enjoys traveling, snuggling with her pet Yorkie, Coco Cake, and creating new style designs through upcycling and vintage shopping.