| April 20, 2014



Someone in Port Rell has a secret.

Nothing ever happens in the seaside village of Port Rell, which is why Lainey Jennings is so keen to leave it. She’s only twenty-four, there’s so much more she wants to do with her life. Crazy and outlandish things; like ice diving in Alaska, explore the underwater caves in Mexico, maybe even search for the lost city of Atlantis. Stay in Port Rell forever? Talk about purgatory!

Since the death of her father, she’s struggled to keep the family diving business from bankruptcy. There’s just one thing that keeps her going. Her dream that one day she’ll discover the lost wreck that her father was so obsessed with, the legendary Mary Eliza – responsible for destroying Port Rell almost four hundred years ago.

When an old, unknown wreck is discovered in the bay, sleepy Port Rell is under siege once again. This time it’s from the media, including a team from the Wreck Raiders TV show, led by handsome archaeologist Zac Nelson. The villagers are quick to cash in on their unexpected popularity, but ancient wrecks aren’t the only things waiting to be discovered in Port Rell.

Because someone in Port Rell has a secret.

And it’s deadly.

Breathless is a romantic comedy with a murder mystery


Why Do Fools Fall in Love? (ASIN: B005IXSU1U)

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (ASIN: B005WOE91K)

A Girl’s Best Friend (ASIN: B0084OBNSC)

Breathless (ASIN: B00A9GHS5A)

Nemesis (ASIN: B00ECGPUF8)


Sunlounger – Belinda Jones Travel Club (An Indecent Proposal) (ASIN: B00DP3R99Y)

** There is another author with exactly the same name – please don’t get us mixed up! **

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