Trust in Love

Searching for love can sometimes be a heartbreaker but trusting the process is the ultimate courage to look on the bright side even when things don’t go as planned. Just when Jane thought she had finally found true love, her world began falling apart. In her darkest hour, she was an emotional wreck as she watched her last hope vanquished right before her very eyes. Shattered, discouraged and with tears streaming down her face, she tried to pick up the pieces of her fragmented life that reminded her of all the mistakes she had made. Yet, in an unexpected twist, Jane makes a startling discovery which would eventually become her greatest source of strength. Deeply evocative, thought-provoking, and with intriguing perspectives, this love story told in a unique way will warm your heart and provide a clear path to all the things that are truly important in the quest for love.

Meet Ruel Fordyce

Ruel Fordyce is an author, motivational speaker, and online coach. He loves helping others to create their own success story.