Recovery of a Colony Ship (Colony Ship Eschaton Book 1)

EXPANDED AND ENHANCED VERSION, as of July 1, 2017 Michael and Jamie live in Dome 17. The last place safe for humans, or any life, on a dying earth. They are adventurers who have explored other domes, but everywhere else is dead. Will Dome 17 meet the same fate? The committee has a risky plan to try out unproven technologies: a faster than light scout ship, and teleportation. Both technologies have severe limits. Only two people can be carried aboard those FTL scout ships for a one way journey, Teleportation can only work when a receiving pad is at the target location. So can they make both these technologies work to save the last of humanity? One hundred years before, the people of earth had built gigantic colony ships with enclosed habitats. They were filled with flora and fauna and people. These ships were launched into space knowing it would take generations to reach other solar systems. Those space pioneers would live out their lives in transition to a new world. But the colony ship program was considered a dismal failure. All of the colony ships were considered lost. Will Michael and Jamie travel to one of the colony ships? Will it be a derelict? Or will it be a chance for a new home for humanity? What will they find as they try the recovery of a colony ship?

Meet John Thornton

Hi everyone, The books are out in audio format done by excellent, professional narrators! Please check out those options! The narrators have done a superb job. All of the books in the Colony Ship Universe will be made into audio books. I sure hope you listen to those. I have developed a board game, Divided America: the Next Civil War which you can play on VASSAL. The rules and scenarios are available on Amazon. This game has been in my mind since the 1970s. And, I am working on a Role Play Game (RPG) based in the Colony Ship Universe. As to me, I have read science fiction since I was a small child. For over thirty years I have been making notes, writing outlines, and drawing deck plans of various colony ship. These jumbled ideas have finally coalesced into book form in my writing. I guess I was inspired by many works in sci-fi which cover the idea of colony ships. Damon Knight’s “The World and Thorinn” and Robert Heinlein’s “Orphans of the Sky” showed me how bizarre and interesting a generational space ship environment could be and how so much could go horribly wrong. Those books, and many others in that same genre, have given me hours of pleasure in reading. There also have been board games and video games which cover similar situations. There are so many variations on the lost colony ship theme it almost seems like a trope. So, now I have added my own contributions to this genre of adventure fiction. I worked as an RN for 10 years in various critical care units—cardiac, surgical, and medical. I saw lots of people die, and I also listened to some really amazing people share their life stories with me. I have worked part-time as a visitation pastor for my church for twenty years now. I graduated from a variety of colleges, all of which helped shape and mold me into what I am today. After finishing a doctoral degree, I decided to focus on informal educational endeavors. I still love to learn. I enjoy reading very much. I read all kinds of literature (romance, mystery, historical fiction, science fiction, dystopias, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, theology texts, to how-to books). Did I miss any genres? Oh, here is a pet peeve of mine. Science fiction and fantasy are SEPARATE GENRES! Forgive me for yelling, but I am sick of seeing two unique genres lumped all together under “speculative fiction.” To me, and I could be wrong, but putting fantasy and science fiction in the same box is like putting romance novels in with erotica. And as you may be about to discover, I also like to write. My first project was the Colony Ship Eschaton series, which is finished with its ten books. The second project was a parallel series, The Colony Ship Vanguard. That series is finished with eight books. The third series is the Colony Ship Conestoga, which is complete with eight books. One of my books is somewhat different. Hey, some people will say all my books are different, and I think they do not mean that in a good way. Well anyway, “The Battle on the Marathon” is written in first person. That book is stand-alone work, and while it is in the same universe as the other works, is not as directly connected as are the other series. Or is it? Well, check it out and let me know. The Colony Ship Trailblazer is a great addition to the Colony Ship Universe. The eighth book, and the series finale, was completed in October 2019. The series is out in audio format. The Colony Ship Warren is my current series. The first six books are completed, and I am writing the seventh (as of January 2022). I plan on having eight books in this series. The plan is to have the series completed in 2022. And yes, I am planning on making all seven of the colony ships into books. If you have read my work, you will know what that means. Ideas for these books have been bouncing around my mind and in scribbled notes and campaigns since the 1970s. I also have plans for a series of books which take place during the Jellie War. If you are new to my works, you can start with any series, or “The Battle on the Marathon” and I think you will enjoy the series no matter which order you read them in. Some readers have discussed which series is their favorite to start, but that is all personal preference. They are all set in the same “universe” or “alternative reality” or “cosmos” I invented. I call it the “Colony Ship Universe” but I hope you call it a fun read! Back to reality. I have four grown-up daughters, a delightful wife, a silly cat, and two goofy dogs (as of January 2022). Over the years we have had numerous dogs and cats. We did have two ancient cats, but they have departed now after eighteen and nineteen years of life. In the summer of 2018 our beloved dog of fourteen years died, and our miracle cat died in fall of 2018. May their new adventures be thrilling and fun for them. I live in the Northern Plains of the USA, so I experience the cold and bitter winds of the winter, and the blistering hot and dry of the summers. I also live with a chronic associate, a painful form of degenerative arthritis. I have lots of mechanical parts inside my body (nine total joint replacements), and in some ways, I truly am a cyborg. I hope you enjoy my writing. Thanks for reading my stuff!