Look Beyond Fear & Be Courageous: 6 Proven Ways To Bring Out Bravery

Fear may take on a variety of forms, from anxieties about day-to-day issues like finances or the environment to the universal devastation we all feel when a friend or loved one passes away. Even in the presence of all the elements necessary for pleasure, life might seem lacking if fear causes us to dwell on the past and worry about the future. Even though we all feel fear, it is possible to learn how to prevent it from controlling and shaping our lives. Benjamin Brayshaw provides us with a timeless roadmap for living boldly on these pages. “This wonderful book seems like a message from our very own heart since it is written in language that is so personal, calm, compassionate, and immediate. We have never been more in need of hearing Benjamin Brayshaw, one of the most significant voices of our time. We all struggle with fear because it is damaging and ubiquitous. Benjamin Brayshaw, a poet, philosopher, peace activist, and one of the world’s leading spiritual figures has authored a potent and useful strategy manual for conquering our crippling doubts and inner terrors. Benjamin examines the causes of our anxieties in his book Look Beyond Fear And Be Courageous. He then offers potent strategies to help us overcome our concerns and discover serenity and freedom from worry.

Meet Benjamin Brayshow

Benjamin Brayshaw is a Health and Wellness Practitioner, Chiropractor, Teen Mentor, and Author of books on healing through the ages. He is an American who defines himself as straight. He has a postgraduate degree in sports science. He grew up in a working-class neighborhood. After his mother died when he was young, he was raised by his father. He loves exploring…people, places, words, and truths, and loves encouraging people toward honesty, and toward being their best selves.