Easter Bunny Bundle

| April 20, 2014


Easter Bunny Bundle: I Wish I Were an Easter Bunny & Pep the Pup - Easter Bunny Wannabe

Two children books about Easter for a reduced price!

I Wish I Were an Easter Bunny

Hi, they call me Pep the Pup.

Last week week I was playing with my friends in the park.

All of a sudden we saw an amazing animal rushing past.

He had big ears and a funny little tail. He was carrying beautiful painted eggs.

Some minutes later the eggs were gone and the animal looked at us.

Then I recognized him. It was the Easter Bunny! He was soooo cute.

Me and my friends were thinking the same thing: “I wish I were an Easter bunny”.

Come in and discover why we were thinking so….

Pep the Pup – Easter Bunny Wannabe

Does your child enjoy spending time with you reading together? Especially with such a loving family day as Easter.

You can read this cute story about Pep the Pup for your child.

The fun and cute illustrations will keep their attention even longer.

If your child is a little older it can be a good opportunity for them to practise their reading skills.

It is not only educative, but it is also a lot of fun!

Take a look inside and allow you and child an amazing reading experience.


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