Now is not a good time for a relationship with a smoking hot drummer…

Tilly met Jett, the sexy drummer for the Rock Dragons, at a bar a few years ago. Sparks flew, and one thing led to another, but the next morning, they went their separate ways. Tilly was focusing on making a name for herself as a make-up artist and Jett was touring with his band from one dive bar to the next in hopes of hitting it big.

Until a few years later.

Now Jett’s band is the biggest thing since, well Elvis himself, and Tilly has just landed the biggest contract of her life. The catch, her contract is with Jett and the rest of the Rock Dragons.

Forced into close quarters, the two find themselves constantly drawn to each other. Small touches and lots of flirting turns into more. But Tilly’s been burned before and jealously rears her ugly head and she struggles with the groupies who flock to the Rock Dragons like moths to a flame.

Their spark is still flaming bright, and neither can get enough of the other, will the fear of past relationships keep them from finding love? Or will these two get a second chance at love.

Crashed is a standalone novel in the contemporary romance, Rock Dragons series. You can find more of your favorite characters in the Chesapeake Commanders series (complete series available NOW).