Sin & Savage (romantic suspense)

| April 21, 2014


Dangerous fun in Sin City… with a biker twist!

One Stubborn Texas Belle… Tori Jones is the light of her small town. Sweet but full of grit, she’s always the first one everyone turns to for help. Just once please, she’d like a quiet weekend to herself. Too bad her Nana has a big problem.

One Feisty Senior Citizen… Nana Estelle loves her cigarettes, whiskey and big hair but most of all, she loves Tori. Too bad her boyfriend has run off with her money and she needs Tori to track the crook down.

One Tough Outlaw Biker… Savage Monroe solves problems with his fists, although baseball bats work just fine too! Living in Vegas, he rides with a gang, always looking for his next big score. Too bad for Tori that his ‘next big score’ is her.

One Chance Meeting… When fate crosses the paths of these three, sparks start flying. Tori hates Savage. Nana loves Savage. Savage hates everybody.

One Insane Deal… Nana makes Savage an offer. Act as Tori’s bodyguard in Sin City while she looks for the thief and he’ll be paid handsomely. The biker agrees. The only problem? Can he be trusted with Tori?

One Hell-of-A-Thrill Ride… If you love sizzling sexual tension, shocking plot twists & thrilling suspense with a surprise ending, don’t miss this action-packed fun read.


Here’s what some previous readers had to say about SIN & SAVAGE:

“Bikers, outlaws, murder, love… it’s all here and you will love this story.”

“Trust your gut. This was a thrilling roller coaster of awesome!”

“Surprises just keep coming. If you’re up to a fast-paced, wild, crime-filled, crazy-as-hell, romantic adventure, go for it.”

“I really enjoyed reading this book. I couldn’t put it down. Was even sneaking to read it at work. Would definitely recommend.”

“Very good read. Heaven and Hell all in one book. Nice surprises as well”.

“I gasped and screamed with joy!! WOW! I want to immediately read it again.”

“Amazing… Grabs you from the first page. I could not put it down.”

“This book was great. Bad boy meets good girl!!! And what a perfect name for him!!! Wish I could be someone’s Snow White.”

“I just loved this book!! Savage is a beast. I love Nana and all her antics when it came to her adventure with Tori. Loved the book!!”

“Anna Mara is my new favorite author. Establishing herself as an author of incredible wit, depth of emotion, and charm, she has all the raw emotionalism of Sandra Brown, sexual chemistry of Linda Howard, sweetness of Jude Deveraux, and heart of Julie Garwood. Read this book.”

“There are many adventures, mishaps, mystery and love stories all rolled into one book. Fans of Tiffany Snow will really enjoy this book.”

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