Where’s Mrs. Bendouski? (The Scott Moss Detective Series)

| April 22, 2014


Where's Mrs. Bendouski? (The Scott Moss Detective Series)

Where’s Mrs. Bendouski? The Scott Moss detective series Book 1. Scott Moss is a private detective who hates his job. (He’d rather be taking photographs.) Still, when he hears a gunshot during a stakeout, he can’t look the other way. He’s sure mobster Tony Bendouski killed his wife. Trouble is, Scott’s murky photograph won’t convince anyone. His girlfriend and even the police urge him to drop the case (they want Tony for other crimes). Scott persists and the mob decides to drop the irritating PI. Can Scott find Mrs. Bendouski’s body before Tony does him in? Can Scott get out of jail in time to show the cops where the body is? Or will the race finish in a dead heat?

Ross Van Dusen writes fast-paced action comedy novels perfect for the beach, airplane, bed, or anywhere you need a laugh.


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