Tinky and the Baby Butterflies (Tinky’s Adventures)

| April 22, 2014


Tinky and the Baby Butterflies (Tinky's Adventures)

A Story to Make Little Hearts Flutter with Delight!

Take 1 unsuspecting babysitter

Add 2 “sweet” baby butterflies

And open window

And the adventure begins!

Tinky, a sweet Shih-Tzu doggie girl agrees to help out Mommy Butterfly and babysit her two babies, Betty and Bertie. Babysitter Tinky gets a little more than she bargains for with the rambunctious butterfly babies as an adventure on a grand scale ensues.

Sweet lovable characters, fun language, silly situations, a little suspense, but not scary, plus enchanting illustrations by Julie Leiman Weaver will engage your children to use their imagination and have a good giggle or two.

This is purely a fun story with wholesome characters and sweet dispositions. With an entertaining, joyful, giggle-filled story and endearing characters, Tinky and the Baby Butterflies is a book that your child will want to read over and over. And you’ll be happy to join them.


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