A dead horse named Caleb (Tasty Trio)

| April 23, 2014


A dead horse named Caleb (Tasty Trio)

In book two of the tasty trio series, the three survivors are again on the run. This time not just from zombies but also from the cannibalistic redneck psycho named Hank.

They barely escaped from the farm with all their body parts and things went pear shaped when they departed.

Hank is on a revenge mission bringing the wrath of hell with him as he rides atop his zombie horse. His father’s old glue nag, now bitten, provides the perfect vehicle to facilitate his murderous plot.

The horse never gets tired and while it smells bad, doesn’t pose a threat as long as the electrical tape around it’s snout holds.

Buck, his wife and his sister continue their journey south to Mexico. There’s no time for regrets they realize as they haul ass towards the place they have heard is a safe haven for those still living.

Hank is coming for them and knows where they are heading. With his devious mind at work, Hank delivers unexpected tactics which coupled with unrivalled determination drive his quest to make the three suffer.


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