Plaster Scene

| April 23, 2014


Plaster Scene

Celia Siddington was far out. She had always subscribed to ‘Peace and Love’ and the spirit of freedom but, for nearly fifty years, she had buried a secret that would rock the world… and then she died…

Thankfully, it was a false alarm and she came back to life just long enough to pass on a vital clue to her useless nephew and sole heir, Henry, before dying again. When Henry tells his tenacious wife, Claudia, the wheels are set in motion for an outlandish attempt to secure the mystery inheritance.

In the midst of this confusion, a brave and honest stranger is at a crossroads in his life. But, when George Spencer finds himself entangled in the Siddington’s ludicrous schemes, he unwittingly finds everything he’s ever wanted just within reach…

A staged mugging, an alien abduction and a wetsuit clad gunman are all encountered on the way to a shocking discovery, one which will remould and shape the lives of everyone concerned, forever.

Plaster Scene is a story which proves that love leaves a lasting impression.

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