Tango of Death. A True Story of Holocaust Survivors: Historical Book for Adults and Teens (Ww2. Jewish Holocaust Fiction)

In the Janowska concentration camp, the Nazis conducted inhuman torture and brutal executions to music. To do so, they brought almost an entire symphony orchestra to the camp. During the Third Reich in World War 2, the Nazis massacred 200,000 ethnic minorities there, including 40 talented musicians. Tango of Death is an incredibly powerful and haunting WW2 historical fiction novel that captures the horrors of Jewish persecution at the height of World War II. Written by acclaimed writer and playwright Mikhail Baranovskiy in the film-play format, the book is based on true events from the incredible life of Jewish violin virtuoso and musical genius Jacob Mund. who quickly ascended to conducting the Vienna Philharmonic, but was forced to leave for Poland when occupation by Nazi Germany led to the total ban of Jewish composers in Austria. Misfortune abruptly caught up with Jacob and his pregnant wife and Mund’s happy days in Lwow came to an unfortunate end when the Germans conquered Poland. Jacob’s Jewish parents were robbed and shot on the streets and he was shipped off to the Janowska Nazi concentration camp along with his wife, young daughter and the other Lwow Orchestra musicians. Tango of Death was written in accord with the true story of violin player Jacob Mund, his orchestra and thousands of other Jews who lived in Lwow, Poland during WWII. 60 documentary photo illustrations are included in this book to show the violent truth of the Jewish Holocaust. Page Up and Order Now.

Meet Mikhail Baranovskiy

Mikhail Baranovskiy is a writer and artist based in Israel who has exhibited his paintings in several solo exhibitions nationally. In his opinion, the human essence, recognizability, and kinship are important elements in any work of art. For Baranovskiy, it doesn’t matter what technical means are used to achieve this emotional kind of expression. Since he can never truly avoid his inner writer and screenwriter, he endeavors to tell stories without words in his distinctive artistic compositions.