It’s Easy! Habits of a Successful Person: How to Achieve Success Without Killing Yourself (It’s Easy! Become Successful by Staying Happy)

Self-discipline sounds tempting, but do you feel like it’s not for you? Do you want to have only good and useful habits, but for some reason, only the bad ones “stick” with you? Do you lack the strength and self-confidence to improve yourself and become successful? Are you looking for the easy way? Don’t worry—you’re perfectly normal! Book It’s easy! The Habits of a Successful Person will destroy your fears about the difficulty of the road to success. Author Trevor Garrett encourages you to become successful by staying happy. He says everyone can become successful and effective by forming new habits. This success does not depend on willpower, excessive efforts, self-discipline, searching for motivation, starting opportunities, or luck. The secrets of millionaires are not in these complicated things. Self-help to your heart’s content. That’s what this book is about. You will discover a new approach to habit formation. This method is the opposite of the stereotypical one. What previously caused pain and lowered self-esteem with every failure has been eliminated from the process of achieving success. Author Trevor Garrett is categorically against pain for success, battles for success, self-torture for success, suffering, and, oh God, death for success. Instead, he offers a path to a better version of yourself without loss along the way. Enjoy your way to success; don’t kill yourself. The process can be easy and enjoyable. Trevor Garrett is a neurosurgeon interested in studying the human brain and the psychology of behavior. Using his sharp wit and clear examples, Garrett provides readers with a stress-free path to achieving high results in various areas: career, business, finances, family, health, and relationships. Exercise, less stress, communication, financial responsibility, and wealth will become available effortlessly because It’s Easy! With this book: ● Get healthier ● Boost your self-esteem ● Be more open-minded ● Acquire new skills ● Build healthy habits ● Break bad habits (and even addictions) ● Build relationships with family and friends ● Be in a good mood ● Think positively Success, in the author’s understanding, means happiness. You can stay put and be successful in one area of life, or none of them, just because it seems that change requires willpower and self-discipline, and you have already gone through all this, like the author. There has been no noticeable progress. But, you have principles. And now this book! Now you do not need willpower and discipline! Therefore, there is no reason to wait any longer for a surge of strength. You can start right now.

Meet Trevor Garrett

Trevor Garrett is a practicing neurosurgeon. He is an American and has worked in an emergency hospital for 25 years. He studies the brain not only as a surgeon, but as a psychologist as well. He does not have the goal of writing a scientific treatise. Instead, Garrett wants to tell his readers in simple language that each of them has the opportunity to become better and more successful, and therefore happier.