Best Seller Business: How to Strategically Launch a Non-Fiction Book to Help Position Yourself as an Expert, Gain Credibility and Skyrocket Your Career (Business Writing Secrets)

LEARN HOW SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS LAUNCH THEIR BOOKS TO BEST-SELLERS LISTS AND POSITION THEMSELVES AS EXPERTS TO SKYROCKET THEIR CREDIBILITY AND CAREER! Are you an entrepreneur ready to take your business to the next level, but not sure how or where to start? Are you an expert in your field, but having a hard time positioning yourself against your competitors? Are you seeking ways to grow your income so you can provide financial security for your family, find more time to travel, and have more control over your daily grind? In this strategy-packed book, Jenn B. Allen shows you how to package your knowledge, skills, and experience into a book. But, not just any book collecting dust on proverbial shelves, but a best-selling book that will help to grow your brand, business, and bank! Successful use of a book in your business is hard work. It will require time, dedication, and patience. These strategies can only work, if you do. If you are ready to put in the work and advance to the next level, then read on for more details! IN BEST SELLER BUSINESS, YOU WILL DISCOVER: Your Entrepreneurial Archetype (there are 4 types) – take the quiz to find out which type you are. 3 types of books you should consider writing when building a backend business. The Magic number of pages your books should be. How to identify your dream clients and find where they hang out. Rapid writing secrets without having to write a single word. 5 secret keys of every bestselling book, regardless of the genre. Book launch strategies that guarantee your bestseller status. 10 business ideas that can be built around your book when you are short on time and cash. The strategy that gives you a secret advantage over your competitors. How to build an email list that converts into sales and much more. BONUS resources and offers included for readers. This may be the most important book you have ever read that could become a primary tool used in your business!

Meet Jenn Allen

Jenn B. Allen and her 7 year old daugther, are international bestsellers of 12 books and counting. She is the creator of which helps authors, entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and other experts write and launch their books to bestseller lists to build their credibility, grow their business, and increase their impact within their industry. Jenn is a former high school English teacher turned educational advocate, accredited life coach, business coach, and speaker. She loves spending time with her daughter, going on adventures with her husband, and vacationing with her family.