The Tiger Monk: Awaken the Tiger in You

The Tiger Monk: A free-verse poetical diary that uses the elements to unlock the secrets of Mother Nature to embark on the path of Self-discovery.

Five key elements – ether, air, fire, water and earth, as well as the primordial element of love to categorize a collection of 150+ spiritual poems and soulful letters to alleviate anxiety, self-doubt and suffering. Each poem has a spiritual explanation for the reader. The book also includes 90+ soulful letters to offer comfort, advice and support. The letters may also be used as writing prompts for readers to log their spiritual journey. The pages of the book may be read in any order. The Tiger Monk’s purpose is to awaken the Tiger within to face the adversities of life.

Pages to accompany your coffee or tea,
As your mind serenely dances to the waltz of the Universe,
With threads of spirituality.

TESTIMONIALS from author’s Facebook (@thetigermonkofficial) and Instagram (@the.tiger.monk) page:

“This was such a beautiful truth for me in my recovery. I am not one to melancholically stare backwards…but I do wish I had recognized the importance of self-appreciation and love before I was 46.” – Martha A.

“Oh wow! What powerful and beautiful words…” – Judith G.

“Beautiful words. Love.” – Maggie B.

“So nice and very inspiring words.” – Lulu H.

“Well worded” – Karalaini T.

“Beautifully worded.” – Iris B.

“Very profound…reminds me of Thich Nhat Hanh! We can learn so much from nature if we stop and listen.” – Janet Q.

“Just gorgeous, soothing and cleansing.” – Denice V.

“I love your writing. So powerful! You inspire me.” – Fallon C.

“This is incredible.” – Taylor R. “Can’t relate more!” – Arya S.

“There is immense beauty all over your page, and words resonate.” – Liana M.

“Overwhelmingly true. Always touches the soul.” – Ellen W.

“We all want to believe and without belief there is no light. Very inspiring.” – Christine M.

“Self-care is the #1 rule in my life. So important to maintain the mind, soul and body connection to show up strong and balanced.” – Erin D.

“Beautiful writing.” – Jodi A.

“So beautifully said! Searching and walking in nature are my remedies in these dull days! Silently listening to them.” – Saya B.

“As a gardener, this speaks to me.” – Lisle C.

“Very astutely stated.” – Dawn C.

“So nice and very inspiring words.” – Lulu H.

“Well worded” – Karalaini T.

“Words are so believable it hurts – yet it’s helpful.” – Dorothy C.

“Words are charming.” – Martha R.

“True advice.” – Nitu S.

“Profound!” – Mike K.

“Powerful and absolutely true.” – Anita R.

“Understanding and meaningful.” – Sandra P.

“Emptiness or nothingness there is such peace in just that. Such good therapy. These words remind us that there is always a way towards the light.” – Angela P.

“Love the words. Well said!” – Tricia A.

“Thanks for boosting morale.” – Anand M.

“This was such a beautiful truth for me in my recovery.”– Martha A.

“This is very beautiful. I believe in this. Something you struggled with after you have rose from it, may be used for your own good or to help others. For me, it was self-medicating or numbing in and out of addiction a lot of my life. Looking for love in all the wrong places, putting my worth in others pockets, being hurt and rejected over and over but finally coming to myself. God has loved me the whole time, I just had to love myself so I could believe I’m enough and worthy of being loved. This journey has shown me that I love myself and people. Even the smallest act of kindness is never wasted. I will shine my light of hope for others. We are all enough. Always. – Jenny S.