The $100K Book Strategy: How to Make a 6-figure Passive Income Writing “How To” Books Even If You’re Not a Writer

“THE MOMENT YOU MAKE PASSIVE INCOME A PART OF YOUR LIFE…YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE.” -ROBERT KIYOSAKI Have you dreamed of creating a digital lifestyle business where you can make a positive impact while making multiple streams of income working from home? Do you have unique insights, knowledge, experience or a passion you would like to share with the world but you’re not sure how? Are you an aspiring coach, author or entrepreneur? If you said yes to any of the above, this book is for you. The $100K Book Strategy is a step-by step guide that will teach you how you can create a 6-Figure self-publishing business by crafting teachable content into a book format that you can share with the world. It’s no secret our world has changed dramatically over the last few years as people worldwide struggle to adapt to our changing environment. Whether it’s to eat healthier, learn to crochet, make money, build confidence, learn to garden, lose weight or create an online business, people are hungrier than ever to improve their lives. As a result, internet education has skyrocketed to the moon. This book will show you can tap into this movement by creating your own online education business so you can enjoy the financial freedom that comes from owning digital assets. In this book you’ll discover how to: Structure the perfect “How To” book that solves your readers problems. Expertly outsource your book ideas to ghostwriters. Why you need to follow a “Synergized Book Model”. Build a raving fan base who will buy from you again and again. Create a “marketing wheel” that sells your books on complete auto-pilot Generate hundreds of reviews for your books. Self-publish multiple books to Best Seller status Position yourself to sell a course or high-end coaching on the backend Sell your book business for multiple 6-figures. The exact step-by-step launch system I use to catapult my books to bestseller status How to write books readers rave about And much, much more.

Meet Gracie Weis

Gracie is an online business coach who teaches people from all walks of life how to create scalable and sustainable digital product businesses. She is hugely passionate about living a passive income lifestyle so she can travel, workout, read and help others how to create multi-income stream businesses so they can free up their time.