The Thief Revealed

Many of the mysteries in this box set are as profound as anything revealed by the apostle Paul.
It is the result of decades of determined study, followed by a special calling from God, and is the most perfectly cohesive message from God in today’s world.
The truth about the lake of fire, the godhead, the Trinity, the rapture, and the crucifixion; evolution and the six days of creation, the antichrist, and the true identity of the false prophet.
Then there is Satan’s obsession with the fair sex, and its effect upon the history of the world. Also the importance of the parable of the thief in the night, and much more.
But the central theme of these books is really prophetic, with warnings for those of the faith.
Jesus prophesied that the end of days would be similar to the days of Noah, and also Sodom and Gomorrah.
In the case of Noah, he was instructed to build the ark, while Lot and his family were told not to look back.
Just as it was then, God has provided us with instructions to survive a coming threat.
The fifth book gives a clear description of how the current world will end. It also provides much in depth prophetic information about the future, too substantial and amazing to reveal here. If you have been hoping for an actual message from God, then don’t miss it.

Meet Kevin Waldeman

After many years of studying the scriptures, I finally conceded that there were too many gray areas in my knowledge to be sure of the truth. I gave up on studying the Bible, aware that God would only make it known when ready.
A few years passed until I received a calling from God to feed his sheep, and although my knowledge was limited, I began the work.
Right from the start, wherever I looked into the scriptures, new revelations appeared. The flashes of inspiration continued until seven books were written. God provided me with the answers to every question I had ever asked him, and much more.