I am God

| April 25, 2014


I am God

Is God real?

Or have we just made Him up?

Kai Meka believes that God is not a myth. More than that, he believes that he is God. Not ‘a’ god in a loose or metaphorical sense but ‘the’ God. He states that he is ‘the architect of this existence and the creator of the numerous Gods that are worshipped in the many religions found in the world today.’

Could it be at all possible that his claim is true? It is up for you, the reader, to decide. Join Kai as he recounts his first few years on the planet, starting at the age of three. Follow his unlikely and at times hilariously funny story, which is set against the background of southern Africa. Will he be able to complete his life’s quest and prove his real identity to the world?

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