Hidden in Blood & Shadows

The Erinyes came from the Godblood that spilled from the sky in the Endless War. They were born of blood and darkness and knew only fury…Or so the humans say. The gods are long gone, but their cursed children still walk the earth. Harper had never felt like she belonged anywhere. She was an outsider among her own kind and hated by the humans. Now, someone was killing Erinyes and leaving behind strange ritualistic markings. If Harper ever hoped to follow in her father’s footsteps, she needed to figure out who was doing the killing and why. She wasn’t the only one investigating the murders. Gage was looking for justice, or vengeance. He wasn’t sure he knew the difference anymore. Someone was targeting his family, and if he couldn’t let go of his anger, he would lose even more than he already had. Together, they were caught in a mystery that had been hidden for a long time. How exactly did the Endless War end? Some secrets were better left forgotten, as they may not survive the answers they find. An urban fantasy series about the family we choose, the secrets we keep, and how far we would go to protect them both.

Meet K. D. Edley

K. D. Edley is an Australian author who recently found a story she wrote when she was six. It involved a prince and princess who lived in a castle that collapsed, and they were never seen again. Apparently she has always preferred stories a little bit on the darker side. She also enjoys drinking tea, reading and daydreaming.