The Locksmith

A Sufi tale has it that there was once a metalworker who tinkered with locks and was unjustly put in the dungeons by the king. His wife came upon a brilliant plan to gift him a prayer rug with a pattern of the inner workings of the lock woven in which one day he saw in a flash after the fajr prayer. He cajoled the guard to provide him with some scrap metals and after months of procuring such tiny shards he would eventually fashion a key and with the help of the guard escape. He would be reunited with his loving wife and be lifelong friends with the guard in a classic fairy tale ending! He once shared this with Sarah. She was lying on the bed in a bathrobe having just blow-dried her hair and solving New Yorker crosswords. “That’s so silly!” He just didn’t know if she was so absorbed in trying to remember the capital of Eritrea or really thought of this sparkling tale as stupid. But a pang of anxiety clutched his arteries. We often tend to take umbrage and slide these daily idiosyncrasies straight under our emotional rug, but they stay with us forever. (Excerpt)

Meet Zeeshan Mahmud

The Man Who Knew Too Much aka Zeeshan Mahmud was born without a liver on February 29, 1943 at an obscure village in the district of Comilla. Due to his congential disorder, he would experience cerebral hemorrhage which might have led to his unusual powers subsequently deemed near-psi at Rhine Institute. At an early age, the performer realized he could control Nature by virtue of reverse psychology which he repeatedly used at grade school to get marks above 85%. His first insight of powers came when he was walking down promenade at Sher-E-Bangla Nagar and a globe-sized lightbulb-cover fell on his head at age six. It is believed at that precise moment he received the great Cosmic Insight. In order to develop his siddhis he has studied with various masters and adepts at the subcontinent. He has vanished moon, duplicated it, ate raw bricks, disappeared Tuesdays from calendar as well as been stuck in a rock for 498 days and once removed a tonsil from an alligator among various other feats documented in his official YouTube channel! Fun fact: He can also recite pi to 100 digits!