A Grave Hunger – Clean Edit (A New Adult Paranormal Romance Release)

| April 27, 2014


A Grave Hunger - Clean Edit (A New Adult Paranormal Romance Release): Descriptive sex scenes and bad language have been removed from this edit

My mission had been clear; there had never been any other option. It was the way it had to be, the way I needed it to be.

Haunted by the supernatural murder of her family, Leah McKnight is obsessed with getting revenge on the vampire that killed them. When she meets the heroic and handsome Finlay, the pair is bound by tragedy, an obsession for revenge and a fiery passion for each other. They embark on a mission, travelling to the darkest corners, hunting down creatures that most believe only exist in their nightmares.

For them, hunting evil isn’t just a job. It’s an obsession.

Please note that this edit contains the same storyline as the original A Grave Hunger. The only difference is that the descriptive sex scenes and bad language included in the original edit have been removed. If you prefer your stories to be a bit spicier, please buy the original version that can be found here –

US – http://goo.gl/AHQjCl

Uk – http://goo.gl/SAKPbN

Au – http://goo.gl/42AWvK

CA – http://goo.gl/GGamyG

IN – http://goo.gl/DD26LW

Written with British English (British spelling)

39 five star reviews for the original edit. (Amazon US, UK and Goodreads)


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