Adventures of Relviana

Relviana, a dark skinned beauty born in villa suddenly developed a fierce ambition to pursue her innate desire of exploring other lands outside her native homeland. Her sudden passion for discovery led her to faraway lands across the sea, embarking on an exciting adventure through jungles, villages and large cities in a quest to gain new experiences. Throughout her journey, she followed the direction of a bright shooting star which she believed was her God ordained guide on the path to her destiny. The star led Relviana on a journey into the unknown.

Meet Triona Uwem

The beautiful Triona Uwem, Author of Adventures of Relviana, is a young, highly talented, award winning Nigerian writer and poet who has consistently wowed her audience with awesome literary releases. Born in Borno state, Nigeria, to the family of Prof&Dr(Mrs) Okwong Nkereuwem. Having very shiny prospects right from childhood, Triona has indeed proven herself today not only as a gifted writer but also as a multi-talented artiste based on her acting, singing, dancing, public speaking, modelling, fashion creativity and business skills. She became active in November 2010, when she received an award of TALENT FOR WRITING from United Kingdom’s society of young writers and in May of 2014, she was officially decorated with the beauty queen title, MISS TOURISM NIGERIA 2014 and moved on to contest on 5 other beauty pageants. Also, as a proud patriot of her country, she has voiced her contributions towards national change through publications such as carving out a pathway for Nigeria and a few others.