Weaponized Magic (The Cerberus Paranormal Detective Series Book 1)

When Agent Tony Mendoza is tasked with apprehending a deadly supernatural entity, he’ll do whatever it takes to close the case… even risking his humanity in the process! During a routine investigation, Deputy Federal Marshal Tony Mendoza is attacked by a nightmare creature straight out of folklore and mythology. Somehow, Tony survives. But when the U.S. Marshals Service orders him to scrub his report of any mention of the supernatural, he doesn’t take it very well. And when his boss places him on indefinite administrative leave, he’s left feeling betrayed, angry, and frustrated. Soon Mendoza is approached by a shadowy federal law enforcement agency he’s never heard of before. Initially, Tony is skeptical. But when he’s offered the chance to take down the rogue magician who assaulted him, it’s an offer he can’t refuse. With his return to duty, Agent Mendoza will do whatever it takes to bring the murderous magic user to justice. But how far will a good man go to fight the dark? And if in fighting monsters he becomes a monster himself, how much of the man will be left? – – – Weaponized Magic is the action-packed prequel to this new paranormal law enforcement series with a male protagonist. Written by M.D. Massey and D. William Landsborough, the story features characters from Massey’s Druidverse® contemporary fantasy setting. If you enjoy urban fantasy cop novels featuring hard-boiled detectives, eldritch enemies, and investigations chock full of conjury and combat, then you’ll love Weaponized Magic. Grab your copy and start reading it today! (NOTE TO READERS: The CERBERUS Paranormal Detective Series consists of short action-packed reads. This book serves as the main character’s origin story, and at 37,000 words it is just under novel length. If you’re looking for an epic fantasy length novel, this is not it—these are Doc Savage or The Executioner length stories. Also, the main character is a veteran and a cop. These characters talk like soldiers and cops—they curse. You have been warned.)

Meet M.D. Massey

M.D. Massey describes himself as the prototypical INTJ. He’s been a combat medic, an emergency room technician, a fitness trainer, a truck driver, a martial arts instructor, a cook, a business consultant, a web designer, and a security professional. If there’s one thing readers say about his novels, it’s that Massey makes the fantastic seem real. His eclectic background provides him with a rich tapestry of experiences to draw on when crafting fiction, as evidenced by the believable worlds and relatable characters he creates. M.D. Massey lives in Austin, Texas with his family and a huge American Bulldog that keeps him company while he writes. When he’s not in his office or at the local coffee shop writing, you can find him in his garage pummeling inanimate objects, or knife fighting with his friends. If you’d like to find out more about his work and get a FREE book, visit his website at MDMassey.com.