Seven Cities of Greed

| April 29, 2014


Seven Cities of Greed

When Jacqueline Tracey purchases a hand carved leather journal at a Chicago book auction, it promises an adventure in New Mexico for her and her friends. Instead, they are chased by a modern day Conquistador who will stop at nothing to have the book and the secrets it holds. The journal describes an expedition in 1539 led by Franciscan Friar, Marcos De Niza on a search for the mythical Seven Cities of Gold. The author, Pedro, accompanies the Spaniards disguised as a priest, but his writings suggest he was far from a holy man. As the middle age adventure-seekers follow ancient clues and maps to the Land of Enchantment, Samuel Barnes uses his wealth and influence to track them. Are they ready for a show down with the man who believes he is the Emperor of Cibola?


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