Bullet Fist Gunn

Scott Gunn’s fists are deadly fast, so he must show restraint or someone could get hurt. But when an oppressive real estate developer and his gang of brutal thugs terrorize the city, Gunn is forced to take the gloves off to defend his friends, neighbors, and family. In a citywide showdown, Gunn punches his way through gangbangers, crooks, gunmen, and rival martial artists. Will his fist be fast enough to protect all he holds dear, or will his city crumble under tyranny?

Meet Alex Cage

Alex Cage is a thriller author and passionate wordsmith who loves to blend his fascination with martial arts and travel with high-octane action and explosive adventures. He enjoys nothing more than entertaining his readers with death-defying missions, larger-than-life characters, and suspenseful stories that always find a way to keep you on your toes. As the author of nearly a dozen titles, including the Orlando Black series and the Leroy Silver series, Alex combines his obsession for thrillers with a sprinkling of fantasy and sci-fi, so that readers will always find something to capture their imagination. He currently resides in North Carolina. When not writing his next novel, you can find him reading and practicing martial arts. Find out more about Alex Cage (and get a free read) at www.AlexCage.com Alex Cage’s heart-stopping Orlando Black books are best enjoyed in this order: – Carolina Dance (Book 1) – Queen City Ruby (Episode 1) – Survival Intuition (A Rose Lee Flash Fiction Story) – Sunshine Scandal (Episode 2) – Once You Go Black (Episode 3) – Bayside Book (Book 2) – Family Famous (Episode 4) – Bet on Black (Book 3) – Coming soon…