Chariots in the Sky: A Story About U.S. Army Assault Helicopter Pilots at War in Vietnam

Lam Son 719. The final major offensive operation of the Vietnam War.
Sixty days.
750 helicopters.
Who wants to be the last man killed in Vietnam?

Take a harrowing ride with dedicated combat helicopter pilot Captain Taylor St. James and his aircrew. Follow the Eagles, a Huey assault company with the 101st Airborne Division, through A Shau Valley, Khe Sanh, Quang Tri Province, Hue, DMZ, North Vietnam and Laos. Experience combat missions in the air, and rocket attacks and sapper in the wire on the ground.
But the North Vietnamese aren’t the only enemy. Endure an intense Army commander more interested in personal glory than the safety of his men. Add mechanical problems, bad weather, and human error–a recipe for disaster for Captain St. James and his men. This is their story.

Chariots in the Sky is a must-read for readers who enjoy …
Nonstop action, suspense, thrillers, and war movies
Understanding the experiences of pilots and aircrews during the Vietnam War.
Learning about America’s military aviation history and battles
Books like We Were Soldiers Once and Young by Harold G. Moore and Band Of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose, and series books by Lee Child and Jack Carr
Available in Kindle and paperback.

More about Lam Son 719
This historical campaign occurred in February and March 1971 and involved the 101st Airborne Division– an entire fleet of 750 helicopters flying in and out of Laos–supporting South Vietnamese forces. More helicopters were shot down in battle and sustained damage than any other period during the Vietnam War, making it the costliest period of helicopter warfare in history to date.

Behind the Book
This book is not a nonfiction war biography or a military memoir. Few books have been written about helicopter warfare as historical fiction. The book is authored by Larry Freeland, a Vietnam War veteran, who wanted to reflect the many experiences and stories from his personal history and that of his fellow aircrew and soldiers.
In Praise for Chariots in the Sky

“A worthwhile peek into the horrors of war.” — Kirkus Reviews

“There are more than enough harrowing flying scenes and firefights on the ground that will keep readers of this genre interested.” — The VHPA Aviator, May/June 2021

“A nicely written, exciting book. [The author] replays the feeling of time and place extremely well. Well worth reading. — HELICOPTER LIFE, Spring 2021

“This fast-paced experience of war comes to life through the eyes and exploits of an Army assault helicopter pilot. This is a dramatic and exciting story that puts you right in the middle of the action.” —LCDR B. Hood, USNR

“A great book about men who control their fears and fly into action knowing they need to be prepared to handle whatever happens.” — Bill McCloud, Reviewer for Vietnam Veterans of America.

“An eye-opening look into the world of American helicopter aircrews at war in Vietnam. — Ray Brown

“I was transported to Vietnam during the end of the war through this book. The bravery and fear of the helicopter pilots constantly facing death was palpable. I highly recommend reading the book!” — Kathy Cretney”

“Written in such a way that you could be forgiven for thinking this is non-fiction. .. It really felt like I was there with the characters.” — Louise Gray

“Right up there with some of the best. I loved the book! [It] really held my attention and let me visualize all of the various scenes as they unfolded.” — Tony Mancini

“The author places readers in the assault helicopter as the horrific insanity of war rages. A good book to read.” — Powell Ennis

“This is a good read for those interested in aviation’s contribution to the war effort in Southeast Asia.” — Tom Lokey, Major, USAF, Retired