Maria’s Mistake

Your past mistakes are meant to guide you not define you. To say Maria’s life started in the worse possible way would be an understatement. Due to this misfortune, she makes the biggest mistake of her life and it cannot be erased. She can’t marry without confessing her mistake and she knows that neither Carter nor Alex, would accept her if they knew about it. This plays havoc with her love life. She doesn’t want a marriage based on a lie, but if she confesses her past there may not be a wedding. Can she tell the man she loves about her mistake? Will he forgive her? You may have met Carter and Maria in Cody’s Cure, but now they have a story of their own including a new character, Alex. This isn’t part of a series but a single book about Maria, Alex, and Carter’s struggle with her mistake.

Meet Barbara Goss

I’ve written 54 books with great reviews. They are rootin’ tootin’ westerns with romance, danger, suspense and of course, happily-ever-afters. They have a slight touch of faith and God in them. They are sweet but still romantic. Check out my reviews.