Learn Japanese While You Sleep: 20+ Hours to Learn Japanese for Beginners Without Studying Grammar Rules. Includes Common Phrases, Dialogues and Conversations with Vocabulary!

Are you interested in learning how to speak Japanese? Have you always believed that it would be just too difficult to learn? Chris Martins will help you do it! Japan is an amazing country with a rich history, pulsating mega cities, and a culture that is second to none. Often known as the Land of the Rising Sun, its cherry blossom season is the envy of every country on Earth and the standard of living is as high as it is in any developed country. Visiting Japan is a must for anyone who enjoys travel but the one thing that often inhibits even seasoned travelers is the language. Travelling through Japan becomes easier when you can speak some of the language and that’s where this audiobook, Learn Japanese While You Sleep, comes in. With it even a complex language like this becomes easier and soon you could be: Confident with a wide range of phrases and vocabulary Able to connect with Japanese people more easily Capable of understanding the culture better Spending less time studying grammar Listening to relaxing sounds as your brain soaks up the material Gain new perspectives And much more…. Brought to you by Chris Martins, the unique way of learning a foreign language while you sleep, Learn Japanese While You Sleep includes all the common phrases and full vocabulary you are likely to encounter while learning this fascinating language. If learning Japanese has been something you’ve been thinking about then try the ground-breaking approach offered from Chris Martins and get started today!

Meet Chris Martins

Chris Martins has always been interested in languages and how we learn them. Frustrated by slow progress, endless hours of classroom lessons and boring grammar rules that never seemed to end, however, he opted for a new approach to understanding them and being able to speak them quickly and easily, without fuss. The result was the Sleeping Learning Method, where participants literally learn the amazing ability of speaking another language fluently, as they sleep, cutting out those long and tedious classroom hours for good. Imagine the time saved by learning with this unique method? Imagine being able to learn a language from scratch, without the need for books and lectures, while you rest and revitalize yourself after an already busy day? This is what Chris imagined with his idea and what he now offers through his exciting and innovative Sleeping Learning audiobooks, that can transform the way you learn to speak any new language. And with some of the most widely spoken languages available through Sleeping Learning, such as Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese, there is something for everyone to get started with in this amazing collection, opening up a world that is filled with more possibilities than ever before.