Leveled Up: Your Guide to the World of Investing (Leveling Up Series Book 2)

The Ultimate Investing For Beginners Guide Is Finally Here: Develop Your Strategy & Start Building Your Portfolio! If you have always wanted to invest but don’t know where to start or what type of investor you want to be, this guide is for you. Books about investing are a dime a dozen—and they’re fine if you’re interested in an author’s strategies and theories. But without a core understanding of investing, what worked for the author doesn’t tell you what will work for you or if the style of investing even fits you. The simple fact is that you need to create your strategy based on understanding the investing process. In this eye-opening guide on investing for beginners, you will find a no-nonsense investing guide that will help you: ✔️ Understand The Basics of Asset Types And Classes ✔️ How To Separate Core Holdings Versus Trades in a Portfolio ✔️ Crucial Information About Economic and Market Cycles ✔️ Guidance on Asset Class and Sector Rotations ✔️ Evaluation methods including real estate, fundamental and technical stock analysis ✔️ How to Simply Read and Understand Financial Statements ✔️ Understand Different Types of Income and How We are Taxed ✔️ Steps to Assessing Risk and Understanding Hedging and Insuring ✔️ And So Much More Don’t Hesitate! Invest In Your Financial Intelligence And Get One Step Closer To Financial Freedom!

Meet J Hopkin

J Hopkin was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. Growing up, he loved numbers and dreamed of becoming a businessman-investor type, but at the time, it seemed like an unlikely aspiration. His single-parent mother battled to make ends meet for her three children, and much of his early life was shaped by poverty. J was determined to rise above his meager beginnings and never to have to struggle again. Still, as an adult, he soon learned that poverty was a vicious cycle that’s extremely difficult to break out of – or so it seemed to a younger J, who had yet to understand the importance of personal finance and investing. His initial battle to rise above the poverty line saw him chasing the great mythical payoff that never materialized, and he seemed destined to a life of scratching out a living painting cars and surviving from paycheck-to-paycheck. If not for two incredible chance encounters, J might still live that life. The first was with a wonderful woman who taught him the importance of personal finance and being accountable to himself. The second was an equally great man who taught him the fundamentals of investing. Any success J now claims he accredits to the mentorship and wisdom those two people showed him. His response is always ‘nothing more than a simple painter’ if asked his specializations. He is always willing to help others find their financial paths, pushing the importance of starting with personal finance before investing. His personal investing focuses on hard money lending, real estate, trades, and core holdings in stocks and bonds. When he finds the time, J escapes to the outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and the freedom of being where money has no meaning.