On The Ropes

Duffy Dombrowski is not your average social worker. When he’s not counseling sex addicts and drug users in a town outside of New York City, you can find him digging Elvis tunes, getting “Schlitzed” with his quirky friends, or fighting ex-Olympians in the boxing ring. Our less-than-perfect hero occasionally uses his mean left hook on pimps and other lowlifes, too. But at least he cares about his clients.

Meet Tom Schreck

Tom Schreck is the author of six novels, including On the Ropes, TKO, Out Cold, The Vegas Knockout, The Ten Count and Getting Dunn. He is also the author of the play Elvis and Ali:The Summit. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame and has a master’s degree in psychology. He previously worked as the director of an inner-city drug clinic and today juggles several jobs: communications director for a program for people with disabilities, adjunct psychology professor, freelance writer, and world championship boxing official. He lives in Albany, New York, with his wife. Publisher’s Weekly called the Duffy Series, “Fresh, intense and funny…Duffy delivers a knockout punch.” Kirkus said they were “Refreshingly iconoclastic.” Crimespree Magazine said, “One of the five best books I read this year.”