Perennial Spring: A Guide to Mental Health and Personal Freedom

Perennial Spring is an inquiry, an exploration by both writer and reader into the deeper roots to the anxiety and depression epidemic sweeping through the west. Drawing on a variety of psychological and philosophical schools of thought, a strong case is made for a rationally optimistic vision of humankind, even amid an impending increase in existential threats. The central goal of the work is to enhance the mental health of the reader through the development of greater self-awareness, enhanced sensemaking capacities, and a re-evaluation of one’s belief structures. In the final analysis, the quality of our lives is dependent on the quality of our minds— on the quality of our thoughts, beliefs, and interactions with the world. Perennial Spring is not a book for the faint of heart or for those who, perhaps subconsciously, embody the philosophy that “ignorance is bliss”. It is for the doubters and explorers, the philosophical renegades and dogma-shattering revolutionaries. Come, all the courageous seekers of truth, shining light into the darkness and pressing on, no matter what the light illumines. Contents Part I: Foundations 1 Where Are We Going? 2 Embrace the Process 3 Understanding our World and Ourselves 4 Why Do We Do What We Do? 5 Challenge All You Think You Know 6 A Philosophy of Education Part II: The Human Condition 7 State of the World 8 State of the Western Economic Structure 9 State of the Human Psyche 10 Suffering Part III: Freedom 11 Jungian (Analytical) Psychology 12 Existential Psychology 13 Logotherapy 14 Healing 15 Stoic Practices 16 Freedom 17 Conclusion – Perennial Spring An Anarchist Therapy Publication

Meet Tor Syvrud

Tor Syvrud Behavioral Health Specialist at The Children’s Hospital Colorado Vanderbilt University Graduate Student in Clinical Mental Heatlh Counseling (On leave) My interests include exploring the nature of reality and consciousness, worldcentric moral philosophy, metamodern human development, and fostering transcendent mystical experiences. If you like my work, please join my free email newsletter ( with articles on mental health, psychology, and philosophy.