This World Needs Your Gifts. Little Ones Have Beautiful Dreams

Every small child holds deep in their heart a dream for the future, a shining new start. As a doctor, a firefighter, or a teacher of art. Maybe multiple dreams, maybe dreams off the chart! A Kindle version of this book will be available for FREE on March 18th and 19th, 2023. So, download your copy and enjoy reading it with your children! And may all your dreams come true!

Meet Jessica Glade

Jessica Glade is a former literature teacher with a Bachelor’s degree. After becoming a mother, she discovered a passion for writing. Jessica writes read-aloud books for small kids that became a great addition to the children’s libraries. Also, elementary school teachers recommend her books to their students. Jessica loves planting flowers in her backyard. Maybe that’s why her books have plenty of bright and vibrant illustrations full of sunlight, flowers, and green grassy jungles where cute little bugs live. They are like children: discover this world from page to page, learn how to make friends, and be kind, responsible, polite, and brave. Jessica lives in New York state with her husband and two wonderful children. Besides writing books, Jessica likes hiking, visiting new places, and taking lots of pictures. And, of course, she loves to hear from her readers. Jessica reads every single review about her books that you leave on the Amazon website.