The Space Between the Seasons

When 26-year-old governess Autumn Everleigh witnesses her sister’s engagement to infamous world traveller Mr. Williams, her world falls apart. An undoubtedly dynamic character with a charming personality and generous spirit, he is entirely unsuitable for Patience. Autumn, who has cared for her little sister since their wretched childhood, is fiercely protective of the only family she has left in the world.
Mr. Williams’ proposal wrenches open a lifelong fracture of disagreement between the sisters. Patience yearns to explore the world, be out in society, and escape the mundanity of her provincial life. Autumn, on the other hand, is all too aware of the dangers that could befall a young woman. Almost entirely self-sufficient, she craves safety and predictability.
Terrified of losing her sister after years of peaceful sanctuary together, Autumn decides there is only one way to protect Patience from herself: separate the happy couple before it’s too late…
The Space Between The Seasons is a touching and poignant novel by author Justice Tilsher. If you like historical romance and sweet family themes then you’ll love this heartwarming story of, trust, reconciliation, and venturing outside your comfort zone to live life to the fullest.
This book is rated PG for mild language thematic elements and suicide. No strong language. Recommended age 13+