The Cover-Up

Hired to investigate financial irregularities at a pharmaceutical company, a routine job turns into something more threatening when Clarke discovers a body in the company’s research laboratory. As the financial investigation progresses, she searches for a connection to the murder. Someone is trying to bring the company down. But, amid escalating intimidation and threats of violence from animal rights protestors, she struggles to find the truth. As Clarke finally uncovers the murderer’s identity, she realises how dangerous they really are. Time is running out. Can she save herself and her colleagues before it’s too late?

Meet Christine Pattle

Christine Pattle writes mystery-thrillers with interesting characters and plenty of action. Her aim is always to write a good page-turning story that readers will love. When she’s not writing, she’s busy scaring herself silly, riding big, feisty horses, or walking around the countryside dreaming up exciting new plots.