A Line in the Sand (The American War)

| April 30, 2014


A Line in the Sand (The American War)

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The year is 2031. The US military has been gutted by an increasingly powerful and isolationist government after a series of unpopular and internationally condemned wars. Lieutenant Colonel Reese Sterling, a veteran of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iran, has been falsely imprisoned after tragedy occurs during a botched raid in his home. He is sent to the infamous Ridgeway Prison on trumped up charges, and while incarcerated, meets a mysterious man who has a plan for freedom. Across the country, a popular US President is assassinated, along with a high-ranking member of the Chinese military. Sterling manages to escape from prison, only to find that he is the man being hunted as the presidential assassin. Balancing his desire for revenge against the need to clear his name, Sterling must take on a conspiracy of global proportions that threatens to bring the very foundations of the nation crashing down. When war on American soil for the first time in over 150 years seems imminent, the fugitive officer must make a brutal choice; to fight against the government he had sworn an oath to protect, or do nothing and see the country torn apart.


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