Moraline is a gentle, empowering novel in which young advocates find their work enhanced by moments of magic.”— Foreword Clarion Reviews Twelve-year-old Moraline Reed is about to run away from her problems—again. Since moving from New York to California, Moraline has been pushing against a hot, dry wind whenever trouble happens. When she ends up on the wrong end of a cruel prank, she leaves the school camping trip, running, as always. This turns into the chance of a lifetime as Moraline meets a Lakota holy man who tells her she is the girl who runs against the wind, destined to put the winds back into balance by combatting injustice wherever she finds it. A breath of magic leads her to new friendship and a mysterious stray fox who support her as she advocates for building peace both close to home and throughout her community. Together, they face some of the biggest issues of their time head-on.

Meet Cintia Alfonso Fior

Author, Cintia Alfonso Fior is an educator, clinical psychologist, and the founder of Rising Advocates, an advocacy and educational platform dedicated to promoting children’s rights and environmental justice through storytelling and education. Fior has a MA in Peace and Justice Studies from the Kroc Institute of Peace Studies at the University of San Diego and serves as the current chair of the American Family Therapy Academy’s (AFTA) Family Policy and Human Rights committee.