Chosen Different

| May 2, 2014


Chosen Different

*** To celebrate the release of the paperback version, Chosen Different will be free May 2 – May 6, 2014 ***

The Plagues destroyed almost everything. There are no more cars, no more planes, and no more electricity. Differents undid that damage. They rebuilt the world. They move our trains, heat our homes, and feed our children.

Gavin Stillman is a Different, but everyone thinks his ability is a curse. Gavin has no sub-conscious. He must actively control all of the systems in his body. He cannot sleep, he has to focus on his breathing, and he must regulate his hormones. He knows he can still help people, if only they would let him prove himself. When he finds a trail of half-eaten human remains all over Los Angeles, Gavin has to wonder if the government lied, is The Beast still alive? Finding out the answer is going to test the true limit of Gavin’s abilities. Will he survive long enough to show he can be a hero?

Thomas Calhoun is a Chosen Son, created by God, infused with a spark of the Divine, and given the strength to right the ills of this world. He knows it’s a sin that his brothers toil away heating our homes and feeding our children. God meant for the humans to provide for the Chosen. Thomas will make them serve… as his dinner.

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