Death Revokes the Offer (The Real Estate Diva Mysteries)

| May 2, 2014


Death Revokes the Offer: Killer views/dead body in kitchen/make offer (The Real Estate Diva Mysteries)

Would you like a break from all those skinny heroines and read an exciting mystery adventure featuring an unrepentant size 18 professional with breasts large enough to qualify for their own zip code?

Meet Allison Little, the biggest realtor in town.

“The first thing you should know about me is that I do not cut my own hair with nail scissors. Please. Robert would kill me if I even considered touching my hair with my own two hands.
I’m not a doctor and I never know exactly why a body is dead, I only know that when you find a dead body in the kitchen, it makes it that much more difficult to sell the house, what with all the hysteria about full disclosure now–a-days.
Difficult, but not impossible.
I am not a national park ranger. I do not work while also caring for adorable children or difficult teens. In fact I completely forgot to have children. Some where in my past, the word children was written on some long ago goal list along with items like white wedding at the Marin Country Club and Lose 150 pounds by Christmas penciled in just below that.”

Death Revokes the Offer is the first book in the Real Estate Diva Mystery Series. The books are fast, funny and take the reader from murder to romance and back again. In this initial mystery ebook Allison Little meets the elusive yet oh so handsome Ben Stone – Rock Solid Service. She finds him in the yellow pages. Ben becomes involved with both Allison and the unearthed rare art she discovers shortly after discovering a dead body in the kitchen of her new listing. What does a woman do with a 8 million dollar offer and no one alive to sign? Find out who did it. If only to make her feel better.

As they pursue the murder, Allison also counsels her stray-cat-saving best friend Carrie who is determined to tame the the most edible bachelor in the wine country.

This cozy mystery delivers both suspense and readability. The kindle books have been revised but not updated; Allison is of her time and her time is in the middle of the worst real estate market since the 80s.

But there is always something interesting to distract her. Come and experience life with Allison Little, the biggest realtor in town. Check into the Look Inside feature and start right now!

“I had no idea you were so funny. Your wit, wisdom and information are second to none.”

– Bud Gardner (with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen) Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul


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