The Runaway Mommy

| May 2, 2014


The Runaway Mommy

Parenting young children is profoundly wonderful and difficult. There are some days when you want to run away. If you cannot identify with this sentiment, then this book is not for you.

The Runaway Mommy is for parents who imagine what life would be like if they indeed ran away. The mommy learns flamenco dancing in Barcelona, joins a tech startup in San Francisco and hits the campaign trail interning for a presidential candidate. All the while, her little one follows with a captivating eagerness that ultimately brings the mommy back right where she belongs.

“This is perhaps one of those rarest books, a children’s book that can equally be enjoyed by parents…

“The Runaway Mommy is a sweet and endearing look at the dreams of escape by one overworked mommy. She dreams of running away from her little bunny to San Francisco, Barcelona, New York, and several other places and activities. Her little bunny, however, finds a way to follow her into all of her daydreams and manages to interfere with her carefully laid plans. In the end, mommy realizes that those “infringements” are perhaps the most meaningful parts of her daydreaming experiences, and comes to relish and enjoy adventuring around the world with her little bunny. It is a very heartwarming story that would make you want to come back to over and over again.”

— Dr. Bojan Tunguz

Amazon Top 50 Reviewer

“Jane Kuo, a friend of mine from college, recently released a lovely children’s book (or maybe parents’ book?) called The Runaway Mommy. The illustrations by Scott Rim are charming, and anyone who’s in the midst of the heaven and the hell of parenthood will be able to relate. Jane’s story reminds parents of what they had to give up, but also argues that it was worth it.”

— Gene Yang

Author and winner of the American Library Association’s Printz Award

Wonderfully illustrated book about the inseparable bonds between parent and child written in fashion to Margaret Wise Brown’s, Runaway Bunny, a childhood favorite. A must have for any parent struggling to find balance with their own dreams, the demands of parenthood and the love of a child.

— Amazon Reviewer


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