Dark Tales of Cryptids and Truck Drivers

Buckle up! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride. The glowing eyes of a malevolent creature you can’t fully see. A sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. The lurking dread that things are not as they should be. All this while driving down the road and dealing with idiot drivers. The road is a perilous place to be, but nowhere near as hazardous as what lurks just out of sight. Driving a truck for a living can be treacherous. Sometimes peril comes from unexpected places. Strange and legendary creatures roam the woods not far from the hustling and bustling of the well-traveled roads. From Bigfoot, to Wendigo, to ghosts, to skinwalkers, to cultists, to aliens, these ten tales tell stories of suspense and terror for the poor souls who had the misfortune of falling into the clutches of these supernatural beings. However, as menacing as these creatures are, sometimes the most savage is man. Whatever you do, don’t leave the road.

Meet Michael Kelso

Former Corrections Officer turned Author. I’ve published 2 crime/mystery novels, a YA novel, and several short horror story collections. My stories have been narrated on youtube with over 2 million views.